Your must-do list in London

London is a place where, without any doubts, everyone will find something for themselves – from lovers of history and art, through lovers of interesting monuments, to fans of partying and clubbing. Check out what needs to be done while in London to get the best feel of the city’s atmosphere.

1. Start the day with a decent breakfast in a true English style. 

The last thing we can say about an English breakfast is that it is healthy and light. However, being in London you must try them. Traditionally, it should consist of eggs, bacon, beans, toast, sometimes French fries. It tastes delicious, is relatively cheap and most importantly is filling, so you will not be hungry all day long. 

2. Drink a pint of beer in an English pub

During the time in London, you cannot miss out an amazing chance of relishing the beer.

On a weekend evening, go to one of the pubs. This is where the heart of the evening city beats. In London pubs do not bother anyone that there is nowhere to sit. Everyone is standing, both inside and outside, drinking beer among friends. Feel this atmosphere, it is really amazing. 

3. Take a black taxi

The best way to explore London is undoubtedly a London escort, but during your stay in this bustling city, you can not skip the taxi ride. Black cabs are undoubtedly another symbol of the city. Their drivers are famous for their daring ride, so be prepared for an extremely exciting journey. This characteristic vehicle is best kept straight from the street. It can accommodate 5 passengers.

4.Relax in the park

Regardless of the purpose of your stay in London, you must find a moment to meet with nature. An ideal place for this will be one of the numerous, well-kept, very large parks, where every day the residents and tourists relax. The most famous are clearly Hyde Park, St. James’s Park, Regent’s Park, Green Park or more distant from the centre of Greenwich Park. Be sure to visit at least one to enjoy the fairy tale views!

5. Discover London street art

In addition to the many museums you will learn more about later in this article, London is also famous for its unique street art. It is worth to observe the walls of buildings, because you can find real “works of art” on them. The most famous graffiti belongs to Banksy. However, during inspections of various corners of London, you will also encounter other appealing graffiti. If you are a real fan of street paintings, you can use one of the mobile applications that help in tracking street art.